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Rock Star Speakers Showcase is an event of stories to move, inspire you, make you laugh, cry and tap into your greatness!

Featuring members of VIcki Dello Joio's Rock Star Speaking Class:
Jen Duchene, Christel Arcucci, Christy Tu, Jolen Philbrook, Sherry Mouser,
Suzanne Waligore, Dot Claire, Sandra Edwards, Anna Blumberg and Sunshine Sue.


Boost your momentum for Spring with the
Blossom in the Spring Starter Pack!

Enjoy the power of a virtual course in your own home and timing:



The "Pivot to Positive"
Online Jumpstart Program

You don't have to sell all your belongings and move to a mountaintop to experience peace of mind. Now you can access "quick pivot" energy tools with a series of dynamic training videos to bring you back to center — no matter where you are, no matter what challenges you are facing.

SEE DEMO with video examples ››

Outdoor Classes
Wake Up and Feel the Qi — All levels

Friday Mornings: 7:30-8:15 AM
Temescal Park, Oakland, CA

Class schedule:

May 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29

Subject to change, check with this page for confirmation before attending.

Recharge yourself with these effective 45 minute, outdoor practice sessions to revitalize your energy and calm your spirit.

Practices include short and long forms from the Way of Joy Qigong that

• relax your mind (shen or Heaven realm)
• open your heart (qi or the Human realm)
• invigorate your energy (jing or the Earth realm).

We practice in Temescal Park near the Broadway Terrace entrance, right off Hwy 13. It’s a short, easy walk from the parking lot. Or come a little early and enjoy a brisk energizing walk around the lake before practice!

$50 for series of 4 outdoor practice sessions ($15 drop-in)


Rock-it Through Your Glass Ceiling!
Get your energy going and flowing with private one-on-one coaching:
Laser-focused, qigong-based coaching in person, Skype or telephone.
Limited single sessions or discount packages available.

Contact Vicki for more information and to schedule.

"I have been working with Vicki Dello Joio and The Way of Joy with one on one coaching over for the past 6 weeks. She helped me in concrete ways to move my energy—emotional, physical and professional —in the direction I want to go both in my life and my business!"

Lynn Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of Glitter and Razz Productions.  (




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